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    SPAHRA All Day Conference

    Date: September 11, 2019, 8:00am – 4:00pm
    SentryWorld Atrium
    601 Michigan Ave N
    Stevens Point, WI 54481
    $100.00 (members) $150 (non-members)
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    Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace – Know What Boosts Your Impact and Will Make You Happier at Work with Ana Martos, Reality-Based Leadership

    There’s no doubt that we experience challenging times in our business world today. For many, work has never seemed tougher. Expectations continue to rise, while everyone must do more with less… leading to burnout, disengagement and a lot of workplace drama. Organizational strategic plans are calling for employees to deliver aggressive agendas with limited resources in a whole new set of work realities. Because of this, employees have come to believe that suffering is now part of working life, and they are frustrated more than ever. But what if all of that was optional? What if you could go to work feeling energetic and excited?

    You could be valued and appreciated – even a favorite at the office. You could go into work everyday and have fun, be productive, and return home at peace, with energy left over for your family and friends. What if the things that are currently making you unhappy simply lost their power over you?

    All this is possible and more. Thousands of employees have come from feeling dejected and
    undervalued to a place where they are calm, creative, and freed from anxiety and frustration at work. Not because they work harder, but because they’ve committed to changing their mindsets and approaching their workload from a Reality-Based perspective.

    In this presentation, participants learn will key strategies for getting the most out of a new value
    equation and gain insight into a revolutionary, more enlightened and strategic way of viewing the true value of their talents to the organization. They will also begin to connect employee value to productivity and thereby become able to continuously add impact to their organizations regardless of challenging circumstances that come their way. They will also learn simple tools that bypass the ego and shift energy into actions that drive results. participants will leave inspired that they can achieve these results with the team they already have because innovation, collaboration, teamwork, engagement, success – it’s all our natural state when the drama is gone.

    In this session, Ana will introduce you to Cy Wakeman’s five Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace – rules that will allow you to join the ranks of happy, high performers and help continuously achieve incredible results in everchanging business realities.

    Session Objectives:

    • Employees will gain clarity on ways to add true value to an organization and enhance fluency on navigating changing times.
    • Learn how to use the new Employee Value Formula for measuring worth by quantifying factors such as current performance, future potential, and emotional expensiveness.
    • Understand the five Reality-Based rules of becoming a happy top performer and how to apply those principals in the workplace.
    • Participants will gain excitement about driving for organizational results through changing mindsets and the empowerment to take charge of their own happiness.

    Session Schedule: 

    8:00AM: Registration, Continental Breakfast & Welcome

    8:30AM: Introduction to Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace Principles
    - Trends facing our day-to-day challenges and our typical responses as part of our human condition
    - Understanding the New Employee Value Equation adding in emotional expensiveness
    - United Nations activity to understand where drama starts

    10:30AM: Understanding the No Ego Philosophy & How to Increase Accountability
    - The Price of Drama – lost productivity, conflict, and team discord
    - Why is Your Ego Not Your Amigo – How the ego causes drama and techniques to bypass the ego
    - Breaking out of learned helplessness
    - Creating an environment of personal accountability and the four factors
    - Using the Resiliency Board Tool to fuel accountability and crowdsource for ideas
    - QBQ Exercise – Purpose is to learn a simple coaching technique to move employees from learned helplessness to personal accountability

    12:00PM: Lunch

    12:30PM: Community Speaker - TBD

    1:00PM: Ditching the Drama and Capitalizing on Changing Times
    - Reality-Based thinking and why suffering at work is optional
    - New Story Exercise – Purpose: To learn a new mental process to reduce stress in the workplace.
    - The Change Process and Typical Responses to Change
    - Experiential Exercise – Group Line Up – Purpose – to experience first-hand the concepts of learned helplessness, power of belief, and personal responses to change
    - Anticipate and Capitalize on Change

    3:00PM: Building Organizational Alignment
    - Using Talent to execute on organizational goals, not opinionate why it won’t work
    - What does it mean to align to organizational strategies and direction?
    - Negative Brainstorming Tool and Exercise – Purpose: To master the group coaching technique of turning resistance into risk mitigation strategies
    - Driving for Results – Taking it all back home

    4:00PM: Close

    Pending 6.5 SHRM Credits

    Please register by noon on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at

    Cancellation Policy:
    Members who cancel by Noon on Tuesday, September 3rd, will not be charged for the program. Cancellations after that point and No-Shows will be charged the session cost.