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Are You Getting Enough Bang For Your Recruiting Bucks?

    As the job market continues to tighten, it’s more important than ever to identify the recruiting platform(s) that will reach your best applicants, and to skillfully utilize the technologies available to you.

    Has your company jumped into the world of video in its quest for better applicants?  If not, you’re behind the curve.  Research shows that engaging applicants with video content (done well) provides the best and most cost-effective results.  Savvy businesses are harnessing social media to tell their stories to potential applicants and using chatbots to interact instantly with both customers and applicants.  Gone are the days when applicants were content to sit back and wait for weeks for a response to an inquiry or to their submission of an application.

    Are you multi-dimensional in your social media campaign?  Snapchat seems to be the favored platform for the younger demographic, while Millennials favor Instagram and the older demographic tends toward Facebook; meanwhile, over 93 percent of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting.  Don’t limit yourself to one, or even two, social media platforms.  And make sure that your content and social media platforms are mobile-focused and incorporate calls-to-action that will elicit prompt interaction by your audience. 

    And don’t forget hashtags!  Create and use a recruiting hashtag (think #LifeAtDisney), but also create and use a hashtag for job openings (#disneyjobs).  Use one that will make your job postings easy to find.  Also use generic hashtags that are known to be used by job seekers (#employment, #jobhunt), job-specific hashtags (#engineers, #humanresources), and a location hashtag (#stevenspoint).  Using a variety of hashtags in a social media post and/or a job posting will make it easier for job seekers to find you and your jobs.

    It’s a brand-new world out there!  Do your research, dip your toe – or an entire foot! – into the social media phenomenon, actively engage with applicants and potential applicants, and bring some awesome folks into your organization.  #BeARockStar!